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Over the past ten years, I have had the privilege of documenting the most incredible weddings. I’ve captured intimate woodland elopements, beachy barefoot affairs, and hotel weddings in downtown Toronto. Each wedding has been stunning and unique.

Working with such inspiring couples has helped me learn who my people are and who they are not.

After a decade of photographing weddings, there are a few things I’ve come to know to be true. Something magical happens on a wedding day. You feel it as soon as you wake up and it lingers the whole day long. It is a gift and it is meant for you. Soak it up. Try not to get too excited about what’s coming next. You are living through a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. You are creating memories that will warm you when you are cold, bring you joy when you are sad, and comfort you when you are alone. There will never be another day quite like this one. Build-in as much time as you can to just be. Wedding days, like anything in life, can tempt you with endless ways to fill them. Give yourself time to be with each other and the people celebrating you. Ground into the love you have for one other as you plan, design & live out your day. Let the love of this day carry you into a lifetime of joy.


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I married my husband in August of 2010. We planned a backyard wedding with 200 of our closest friends and family. People were traveling to be there from coast-to-coast. In the week leading up to our wedding, people began to arrive early to help us get our property ready. It was truly a community affair. If you asked my husband or I what we were most looking forward to on our wedding day, we would say, “the people.” Having our friends and family together was what it was all about for us.

We hired a wedding photographer without giving it too much thought. We picked someone with a nice online portfolio, who seemed like an expert. His portfolio was full of the types of pictures I thought I wanted. You know, dozens of shots of wedding shoes and hundreds more of bridal parties huddled around a bouquet.

What I wish I knew then was how lackluster these kinds of photographs feel when you get them back. We learned the hard way that spending several hours in a hot, dry field, taking portraits of family members, and bridal parties is a pretty easy way to have your wedding day slip away. Our wedding photos looked staged. Our parents looked stressed. Everybody looked hot.

My husband and I lost precious hours that could have been spent connecting with the very people we had been so excited to receive. Worse, there were almost no photographs of the guests that came to celebrate us.

I do not want any other couple to go through the experience that we had. When you receive your wedding photos, I want you to feel everything you felt on your wedding day all over again. I take care to capture each person that was there celebrating with you. I know your guests matter to you. I also want you to spend your day laughing with the people you love most – and I want to document those smiles.

I encourage the couples I photograph to take short portrait sessions at a few different points throughout their wedding day. If you enjoy the day, it will flow naturally, and you’ll get the best photographs. It is possible to have stunning wedding photographs and be present too. I’d love to support you to make the most of your day.

My Approach

I am perfect for couples who:

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Deeply and fiercely. They honour that love daily and have created ceremonies & celebrations that reflect their uniqueness. I am a good fit for couples who aren’t looking for cookie-cutter weddings or stock photography.

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...& care about documenting genuine photographs. I am the right photographer for couples who are wanting to invest in wedding photography because they know these photos are going to become part of their memories & family history. The couples I work with are kind and collaborative. They recognize that we are co creating moments that will last a lifetime.

Does this sound like you? Let’s set up a call and get to know each other