Our lives are made up of so many moments.

When we photograph something, we choose to create a reminder of that moment for the rest of our lives. It is a way of saying:

"This one. This day. This person, exactly as they are right now. This feeling. I choose to remember this for the rest of my life."

Hello, I'm Eleanor

I am a lover of things simple & slow. I’m happiest behind a camera, out on the lake, or on my farm. I live in Haliburton, Ontario, where I raise pigs, chickens, and two wonderful kids. I attempt a garden every spring and am exceptionally skilled at growing weeds. I’m a maker through and true. When I’m not creating memories, I’m sewing, drawing, or designing pottery. I love to cook. I believe a kitchen is a place of creativity & alchemy—kind of like photography. My first camera was a 35 mm. It was given to me as a bribe when I was 16 years old. My Mom made a deal with me: I could keep the camera as long as I took my eyebrow ring out. The piercing lasted twelve hours. This passion has lasted a lifetime.

As a photographer, I know that when I document your wedding day, I am recording your family history. I am creating the artifacts that will be passed down through generations and turned to for comfort, joy, and remembrance.

I believe it is my responsibility to capture your legacy in all of its truth & beauty. I seek out candid moments, stolen glances, and expressions of pure joy. I take care to record every person that celebrated with you. I seek to capture the emotions of your wedding day so you can forever recall the way it felt.


I approach every wedding day, intending to document love and connection. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to live out my summers in the magic of wedding days and that I have been trusted with the memories of so many inspiring couples.


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