Muskokas, Toronto and Southern Ontario



I love documenting people’s lives—both the big, momentous events and the everyday, in-between moments that make up our life stories. I’ve come to realize that today’s moments become tomorrow’s memories. That the experiences we have now become the good ol’ days we’ll look back on with love, reverence, & nostalgia. It is a joy and a responsibility to capture these memories for couples. One that feeds my creative spirit and brings so many inspiring people into my life.

I believe photographs have the power to bring us back to the happiest moments of our lives. I want you to feel something when you look at the images I’ve captured for you. I want you to feel the emotion of the moment & be reminded, with perfect clarity, what a profoundly beautiful life you’ve created.


I am a lover of things simple & slow.

When I'm not working, you can find me either at home on my farm or planning an escape to a destination less traveled.

...and so we begin to remember that life gave us memories too beautiful to forget...

I love documenting real moments, whether it's during a wedding, an elopement, or just the two of you together in your home.

Take a peek through some of my favourite galleries to get a feel for the art I love to create.



Eleanor Dobbins was wonderful to work with for my wedding photography. I have a very spontaneous family and I really wanted a photographer that could go with the flow and still capture our special moments. She surpassed my expectations! She got both posed and spontaneous pictures all of which were beautiful. My family is loud and fun and loving; she was able to capture all of it.

Ann + NEIL

Eleanor did our wedding photography and she was absolutely fantastic! I was originally worried that I it would feel strange to have someone documenting all of the emotional, private moments but Eleanor made us so comfortable and made herself blend into the background. The quality of photography was incredible and she even arrived 30 minutes early to set up. This put us at ease.

I would recommend her for any big or small life event.